What is showhome staging?

What is showhome staging?

Staging example in San Miguel de Allende Showhome Staging is the business of transforming homes into desirable and inviting properties before they enter the market.

How can staging save you time and money? Staging is an investment which generates a profitable return, not an expense. On average, the staging investment utilizing existing furnishings is $1,263.00 usd based on 200 sq mt (2,152 sq ft )of construction $0.59 us per sq ft of construction…considerably less than the first price reduction of 5% (after six months on the market) or 10% (after one year on the market). For example, a home which lists for $ 250,000.00 usd x 5%=$ 12,500.00 usd reduction; or x 10%= $ 25,000.00 usd reduction.

Properties staged by Showhome have fewer showings…as if by magic, sometimes only one showing is necessary before the sale is closed. Buyers purchase their Showhome quickly and for a higher market price than a comparable property that is vacant, non-staged or poorly maintained.

The focus of staging is to create an environment with the highest appeal to the greatest number of buyers for their particular market. Presentation is everything! There are no second chances to make a first impression! I am selling my home. Why do I need to invest money on staging? Most homeowners are emotionally attached to their home and unable to view their home objectively. Market studies prove that professionally staged homes sell rapidly for a higher market value. Even a minimum staging investment of 1% of the market value can net a homeowner thousands by increasing the market value of the property.

Stages dinning room in San Miguel de AllendeAre home buyers able to use their imagination and ignore the decor and deferred maintenance? No. Less than 10% of potential buyers have the ability to visualize the potential in a home. Within the first sixty seconds, home buyers have already decided whether or not your home is their new home. Home buyers begin the search for their new home with logic, yet the purchase of their new home is based on emotion.

Can I or my real estate agent do the staging?

No. Showhome sees your home with the “first impression” eyes of a home buyer. Our expertise in helping homeowners guarantees your home is transformed into its optimal state. In addition, we resolve issues that may be an obstacle to a quick and successful sale.

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