Important festivities in San Miguel de Allende

Important festivities in San Miguel de Allende

Mexico is a country that likes to celebrate, and San Miguel de Allende is no exception. 

Any excuse is a great one for a party and fireworks.

Festivities in San Miguel de Allende Here is a list of the most significant holidays: 

  • Jan 6 th - Three wise men or the Three Kings; 
  • Feb 2nd – La Candelaria 
  • Feb 24th - Mexican Flag Day; 
  • March 21st – Birth of Mr. Benito Juarez and start of the Spring 
  • May 5th - Celebration of The Battle of Puebla against the French 
  • May 10th – Mothers Day 
  • Week prior to Holly week “El Señor de La Columna”; 
  • March or April Holly Week; • Second Weekend of June “The Locos Parade”; 
  • Sept 16th - Mexican Independence Day 
  • Last week of September - St. Michael´s day “La Alborada” 
  • November 2nd Day of the Dead and Catrina Parade 
  • Nov 20th Revolution day and parade; wool and lamb fair; 
  • Dec 12th Day of holly Virgin of Guadalupe and the start of Posadas (Every Sunday); 
  • Dec 24th Christmas eve 
  • 31st New Year´s eve 

 San Miguel de Allende has also become one of Mexico´s preferred wedding destinations.

IMG_9763.jpg  Danzantes de la Alborada en San Miguel de Allende

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